3875 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA 94611 * 510-658-2259
About Us

AALTERATION & CLEANERS offers the highest level of alteration and cleaning services at reasonable prices.

My name is Tina and I'm a second-generation seamstress. My mother taught me to sew, starting at the age of 7, and ever since I have been sewing as both a hobby and a profession.  I am so excited to have finally opened this store and look forward to working with you. This is my passion and it shows. I've worked as a seamstress for 8 years on Piedmont Avenue both for local shops and independently.

We are located at 3875 Piedmont Avenue - across the street from Blockbuster. Please stop in and say Hello.

With our beautiful fitting room, latest computerized tracking system, and excellent customer service you will instantly see the difference.

We use non-toxic dry cleaning on your clothes, so they always come back clean, soft, and with no odor. This means no chemical reactions and no damage to the environment. 

We also clean rugs, comforters, wedding gowns, leather, etc.

Many thanks to my family, friends, and all the loyal customers who have encouraged and supported me in opening my own shop.

 I'll see you at my shop!

- Tina